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need it. >> it's windy out there. >> how cold is it, mr. bernstein? >> down in the 30s, upper 20s but the winds will be an aiding factor in the chill. the windchill factor will stay in the 20s and temperatures upper 30s. average high is 48. it really hasn't been a bad winter. we've had cold spells. yeah, today and tonight and tomorrow going to be another one of them. here's a look at the day planner. temperatures are going to struggle today. starting in the low 30s and some upper 20s. we'll be in the mid- to upper 30s for lunch time and only get to about 38 or so for the high under partly to mostly sunny skies. again the winds are going to be howling. howling up north and west where we have some snow showers here and there in the mountains. temperatures, the winds first, gusting now 40 in petersburg, west virginia. 36 in hagerstown with the gus. we're gusting into the lower -- gusts. we're gusting into the lower 20s. i expect our wind gust later this morning into the afternoon to be topping the 30 mile an hour mark. your temperatures are down to 33 in alexandria. also in college park. it's 31 germantown and out
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toward round hill. 32 manassas. when lieu at our forecast highs -- you look at our forecast highs today, you'll know why you need the coats. 38 up in laurel. bundle up and get ready for some troubles on the highway. here's monika samtani to detail that for you with timesaver traffic. especially in virginia. if you're planning to head over in the manassas area, i've been telling but this accident. route 234 between lake jackson and dumfries road, one lane is now getting by in each direction. tow trucks have arrived at the scene. again in manassas one lane is getting by in each direction. just when you thought you were in the clear, there's another accident on the inbound side of i-66 as you leave manassas toward centreville before route 29. it's in the center of the road. watch out for that as well. that's going to affect your drive coming in from manassas now on inbound 66. let's take a live look northbound i-95 incident free this morning. that's a good thing on springfield and 395 as well. on the other side of town
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coming in on prince george's county road, route 50, the bw parkway look good through cheverly. a live look here in college park. back to you guys. it's just crazy. that's the neighborhood reaction after two teenagers were shot in prince george's county yesterday evening. one teen has died. the other is in the hospital in critical condition. >> this is the second suitland high school student to be shot to death in the last 24 hours and the sixth prince george's county death this year in school. delia goncalves is live with more on the latest investigation. this is just exhausting, delia. >> reporter: it is. it's upsetting for a lot of community members and for us. as members of the media, we cover these often and it is heartbreaking to be here yet again, another morning outside of the same school talking yet about another student struck down by violence. school leaders released a statement saying they're simply horrified that violence has struck yet another student in a
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24-hour time span. they go on to say that we cannot go another day without addressing these unspeakable acts of violence against our students. the latest act of violence happened around 5:30 tuesday evening in the 3700 block of donnell drive in forestville. two 18-year-olds shot. an 18-year-old suitland high school freshman pronounced dead at the hospital. his 18-year-old friend hospitalized. now though police say there is no connection, this comes unfortunately just one day after another high school freshman charles walker was killed simply for a pair of shoes. >> some of the parents, they -- [indiscernible] throughout this area we started -- starting to see some horrific crimes again. if we don't get on it -- you either get on the problem and solve it or -- there's a saying
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negative things happen when positive people do nothing. >> reporter: that's ron motten, a long time community and youth activist, founded peaceaholics in d.c. lives in ward 7 just over the border in hillcrest in southeast washington. he says that there are clicks, not clicks that are dealing drugs but clicks that are going around robbing people for sport in many cases. he says that unemployment facing our young people nearly 70%. though we don't know that robbery was a motive in this particular shooting that happened yesterday, we can say that these are ongoing issues that need to be addressed facing our young people. so we'll have more on that side of the story and more on the call to parents on how they can help solve this problem, at least talk to our young people and find out what's going on. we'll have that coming up at 6:30. back to you, mike, andrea.
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>> delia goncalves. we'd love to know what's going on and understand what's happening. she is outside suitland high school in forestville, maryland. in the last couple of days prince george's county police have been very, very stressful. they're investigating yet another fatal shooting, this one on the 3600 block of branch avenue late last night. a 34-year-old man is under arrest this morning. >> apparently the victim was pumping gas at which point a gunman approached -- this is all preliminary -- a gunman approached the victim. the victim ran across branch avenue at which point the gunman chased him and then shot him. >> the 30-year-old victim was taken to a hospital where he died. the gunman is believed to have been high on pcp and was tasered several times by police before he was arrested. police do not believe this shooting is related to the previous murders this week. a 4-year-old girl injured in a fire in southeast d.c. this weekend has died.
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the fire started sunday morning around 3:00 a.m. 33rd street is where the home is. everyone inside got out except for this 4-year-old girl. she was rescued and taken to the hospital where she died. the owner of the home was arrested and charged with assault in this. he got into a fight with one of his tenants and even threatened to kill her. the cause of the fire is under investigation. susan levy, the mother of chandra levy is not completely convinced that the right man was convicted of her daughter's murder in 2001. lawyers say the conviction was predicated on a lie. levy says she's only 85% certain the right man was convicted of killing her daughter. she recalls the trial in 2010. that's when ingmar guandique, an illegal immigrant, was found guilty of chandra's murder. mrs. levy remembers confronting him in the courtroom. >> i said, did you kill my
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daughter? i pointed my hand to him and i said look me in the eyes. the defendant, he said no. of course he might not have been telling the truth. >> during ingmar guandique's trial, prosecutors relied heavily on testimony from a jailhouse informant who claimed ingmar guandique confessed to the crime. that testimony could be in doubt. a judge recently held meetings behind closed doors to into look possible problems with witness testimony. oscar pistorius, the former olympic runner is in court again today. his bail hearing is continuing. his defense team is trying to keep him out of jail before he goes to trial for premeditated murder of his girlfriend. the model reeva steenkamp. the star athlete is a flight risk and he illegally possessed ammunition for a type of gun he was not licensed to have, police say. they also found needles in his bedroom. the defense is saying those were an herbal remedy. jessica doyle is back with another your money report.
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>> we always hear these warnings about hacking. now apparently it's becoming a diplomatic problem as well. >> we know of course hacking is a problem for consumers and companies but now it could be putting our national security at risk. the new study points the finger at the chinese military as being behind many of these attacks. so today the white house is expected to announce tougher methods for confronting cyber espionage. things like fines, penalties, even trade sanctions. the obama administration plans to tell china's new leader in the coming weeks the volume and sow face indication of these attack -- sophistication of these attacks have become so intense, they threaten the fundamental relationship between washington and beijing. in the meantime two u.s. major companies are reporting they've been the target of hacking. apple says its commuters were affected by malicious software, similar to an attack facebook announced last week. the attacks took advantage in the flaws in the java plug-in
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for web browsers and someone hacked into the jeeb twitter. and for most people it's not a matter of if they have their identity stolen but when according to identity theft 911. so there are important steps you need to take to minimized damage if this is going to happen you to. for example, obviously be incredibly careful when deciding to click on a link and so important, limit the amount of sensitive data you're storing on your computer. there's no reason to have your social security number on your computer. essentially that's like giving a hacker to the keys to your kingdom. it's tax season. we're doing our taxes on our computers. make sure you purge that data after you're done with it. >> that's a good idea. >> one of those things you don't think about. >> i always fight -- i put all my passwords on paper and pen. >> that's the best way to keep things safe.
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>> nowadays they keep telling us change your password, make them different for every single site. that's impossible. let's be honest. >> i probably have 80 pass words. >> i don't write them down like you do anywhere so i forget and i have to start all over again. >> want your password again? okay. >> good advice. is she mrs. ed? >> a horse who just hasn't let herself out of the barn. she walks around and opens the doors for all the other horses except for one. we'll tell you who. >> more on the horse and who when we return.
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howard here with your weather first on this wednesday morning. it is a cold one out there. the winds are gusty today. they're going to be gusty all day long. look for sunshine. maybe a couple of passing clouds, especially this morning. highs 35 to 40 but the windchills stay in the 20s. i'll let you know when we might get some warmer temperatures back this way in just a few minutes. >> if you're planning to head on the inbound side of i-66, it's kind of a good news-bad news situation. manassas into centreville where there's an accident that was just moved to the shoulder. it was three vehicles involved but look at that. it's slowing down on the inbound side now toward and beyond the accident. once again it will be slow at route 50 to 123. andrea, back to you.
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>> monika, thank you. there's no stall in this -- stalling this horse when she wants to escape from her stall. we report on a houdini horse of a different color. >> reporter: this horse doesn't just let herself out of the barn. she opens doors for all the other horses. except her mother. more on those mother-daughter issues later but first meet houdini horse. >> her motivation is really just food. >> reporter: her real name is mariska, a 9-year-old living at misty meadows farm in michigan where her skill at opening everything from coolers to gates prompted owner sandy to post a compilation of her greatest escape moves on youtube. as someone commented, it just goes to show how far one trick can take a pony. her owner says mariska was always good with her mouth. for instance, when she was a baby? >> she would grab on to our
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zipper tabs and zip them up and down. >> reporter: but now she's more interested in letting herself into the grain room for a snack. they had to put a chain on the door. as much as the owner of piggy the dog had to put a lock on the frig because piggy was always managing to open it. >> i stick it through the hole. then i screw this down. >> reporter: the owners of mariska have likewise had to modify all of their latches. mariska never ever gives up. but when her video went viral, everyone wondered why she just walked right by her mother's stall without opening it yet opened the stalls of all the other horses. >> that was her mother in there. her mother is the boss mayor. -- boss mare. she's very bossy. >> reporter: okay, maybe there's one other famous horse that's even better with its mouth. >> hello. i'm mr. ed.
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>> reporter: mr. ed can even open a mailbox. as for houdini horse? >> yes, someone said she should be in an ad. >> reporter: unless it's a lock picking horse. ♪ the famous mr. ed >> or the famous mrs. ed. issues with her mother, of course. >> shows you how far one trick can take you. 6:16. howard has a couple of lines about this cold forecast we're facing today. >> just the cold, itself wind. that's going -- the wind. that's going to exacerbate the cold making it feel like it's in the 20s all day long. it's february after all. we've been spoiled the last couple of winters. nothing too harsh n. has to be one of those harsh days we'll have to get through and we will get through it. here's a look at your day plan other this wednesday morning. look at the sky right now before i put the graphics up. a few clouds out there. sunrise coming up in about 40 minutes or so a beautiful looking morning out there but it's a cold one.
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temperatures will struggle to get close to the 40-degree mark. upper 30s as we go throughout the afternoon. 35 to 40 but it will feel like it's in the 20s. in fact, the winds are howling up north and west of us. 36 mile an hour gust in hagerstown. gusting 40 in petersburg, west virginia. south of town still not too gusty on the winds but they're coming your way as well with a gust of 17 in annapolis. temps down in the 20s and 30s. mostly low 30s although national 24. it's 30 in fredricksburg and 32 across the bay in easton. and of course windchill, that's going to be the issue today. feels like 25 now in town. 11 in hagerstown. 25 manassas and 18 in gaithersburg. so the heavier coats, the jackets, the scarves, you get it. look at this shot of the sky. i'm going to step out of the way. that is a pretty picture here this morning looking at washington from around reagan national north toward the
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district. the humidity only 44%. the storm system which brought us some sleet and snow and thunder yesterday, the center of that is all the way up into canada now. it's affecting northern maine and parts of new hampshire with heavy snow. we're looking at two pieces of energy with the jet stream really dipping south across california spinning through l.a. and san diego heading toward arizona. then in texas and oklahoma. this storm taking shape. cold enough for storm in northwest oklahoma, kansas. kansas could be looking at one to two feet of snow in western kansas over the next day, day and a half. where we just have the lake snow showers flying in our mountains and the west. we'll watch them fizzle out over the next day. as we head into thursday, final. still breezy and chilly. here comes this system out of the central part of the country. by friday morning could be cold enough in the protects valleys with a little bit -- protected valleys with a little bit of sleet and rain. friday looks like a chilly day, yellow alert. tomorrow 42. windchills today stay in the 20s. tomorrow 42. still windy and on cold, just
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not as windy as we get into the lower 40s. for friday that early mix will be possible. otherwise a cold rain, 39. showers on saturday with temps in the upper 40s and drying out by sunday. let's go over to monika samtani. she's taking a look at timesaver traffic here at about 6:18. >> now there's another accident, southbound route in in jaunt company -- in 234 in quantico blocking a calm of lanes. v.a. -- couple of lanes. >> virginia has been hit hard with accidents. the good news this accident i was telling but in manassas at route 234 at prince william parkway northbound, that's -- you've got some lanes getting by. one lane in each direction. tow trucks arrived a while ago so things are improving there. also improving just a bit here in terms of the lane television inbound on i-66 before route 29 in centreville. the accident was moved to the shoildzer but look -- shoulder but look at that yellow heading bay that accident.
6:20 am
extends from manassas post of the way but at least your lanes are open. the southbound side of 270, generally speaking it's going to be slow route 109 to 121. then falls road just a bit below the speed limit here. no big deals down to the split. one more look at the maps this time to the other side of town in prince george's county. bw parkway and route 50 look great through cheverly. no issues in the northeast corridor. we'll take a live look in college park where outer loop slows down a bit passing 59 into silver spring. -- 95 into silver spring. it's 6:20. time for another look at the question of the morning. this is the second most frequent cause of accidents inside the home. is it a, falling down the stairs, b, running into glass, or c, stubbing your toe on furniture? >> our facebook friend linda wrote, it's a tough one because i've done beth a and c but if i had to pick one, it would be stubbing my toe. man, that hurts the worst. >> log on to wusa9 facebook fan page and leave your response. we'll have more of your responses and the correct answer in 30 minut
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mm i went potty! th'sreat, honey.... wher for life's bleachable moments.
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welcome back. your weather first. just about 6:24 on this wednesday morning. going to be a windy and cold day. pretty skies. we have a few clouds out there. we're a few minutes before the sunrise. you can see how pretty things are looking here. we will see a good deal of sunshine. partly to mostly sunny. temperatures which will be climbing into the 35 to 40- degree range but the windchills will stay mainly in the 20s with gusts at times over 30 miles an hour. so i think you need to bundle up. andrea? >> thank you, howard. a war of words between republican senator marco rubio and the white house every immigration reform is heating up. tuesday rubio's office stated obama and his staff was not working with republicans on immigration. the white house says they called rubio who was in jerusalem at the time and two other republican senators to, quote, discuss their shared commitment to immigration
6:25 am
reform. a group called the tea party patriots have issued an apology to karl rove after e- mailing an inappropriate photo of the strategist. it was edited to look like he was wearing a nazi uniform. it was included in annual e- mail -- an e-mail. in a statement released tuesday, the tea party patriots apologized and are working to make sure this type of mistake doesn't happen again. 6:25. a community stunned and looking for answers. another teenager is dead. >> police are investigating the teen violence in prince george's county. delia goncalves is going to have a full report on the latest incident when we return. stay with us.
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this is my friend diane. she's played by the rules her whole life.
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but then the rules flew right out the window. having just lost her husband, she stepped up and adopted her three grandkids, while working full time and caring for her brother, eddie, with cerebral palsy. i get the three children up. i walk andrew at eight i drop olivia off at eight thirty. spend a few minutes at emilio's school. i stop at the grocery store, and then i might do some laundry that has to be done. and then i have about five minutes. the baby sitter comes in and then i go to work. i'm not back home again until 11:30 at night. hard as she works, it's still a struggle to keep up with the bills and stay warm at night. when we asked the biggest oil companies to help families in need, only citgo, the people of venezuela, and president hugo chavez responded. thanks to them, citizens energy is able to deliver millions of gallons of fuel to families just like diane's. i'm joe kennedy. if you need help staying warm this winter, call me at 1-877-joe-4-oil. because no one should be left out in the cold!
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we are back at 6:29. this is always the place to get your weather first. here is a live look at the u.s. capitol. it's a frosty but not freezing -- it's just 34 degrees. do bundle up, though. thank you for starting your wednesday with us. good morning. i'm andrea roane. because the wind is going to make it feel like it's in the 20s. meteorologist howard bernstein outside with the big things on his ears he likes to call 180s. >> the ear muffs if you will. i wish i had a hat and scarf. wind chills in the teens and 20s and it will stay mainly in
6:30 am
the 20s today. looking northeast from reagan national back toward d.c. partly cloudy conditions this morning. sunrise coming up in about 20, 25 minutes. temperatures will climb to the upper 30s to near 40. but with those winds which are going to gust at times over 30 miles an hour, it is not going for feel anywhere close to that the windchills staying in the 20s. clouds in the mountains. we've got broken cloudiness here with snow showers also in the mountains. the winds the problem gusting to 36 in hagerstown. we're only gusting 22 at the moment in dg. in prince -- in d.c. in prince frederick, a little frost with light winds. temps are running from 30 in rockville to 34 manassas and 32 in bowie this morning. only going to the upper 30s to around 40. insides in the warm studio, not windy at all. here's monika with a look at timesaver traffic. i have plenty of bad news to make up for that, especially in virginia this morning. we have so many different incidents. a couple of them have cleared up but this one on the inbound side of i-66 near centreville before route 29, it was sitting
6:31 am
here on the shoulder. look at all that red. let me step out and show what you it looks like from our sky 9. you see all those flashing lights. police on the scene. they were able to move it off to the shoulder but it left a two and a half to three-mile delay on the inbound side of 66. i've been warning but this for a while. and the damage is done. so expect this as you head out the door and give yourself that extra time because you're going to need it this morning. the lanes are open, by the way. let's go back to the maps. this time we'll head over to the other side of town. no issues to report on the beltway but southbound i-95 right after 216, debris in the road is causing some slow traffic as well. authorities do know about t. we'll take another live look, this time on 270. luckily this one has been incident free. back to you guys. >> thank you, monika. time to see what our partners over at cbs this morning are covering. >> gayle king is in new york to tell us what's on tap. good morning, gayle. >> hello, mike and andrea. we are getting ready. police officers breaking the speed limit is one story we're covering today. new video shows how one officer
6:32 am
got away with it despite causing a deadly crash. we'll look at how big the problem is. plus, a best picture nominee facing new criticism this morning. just days before the oscars. the problem one congressman has with lincoln's take on history. here's a question. are you born with certain political views? a unique look at the science of politics. those stories and more when we see you at 7:00. mike and andrea, back to you. >> that sounds like an interesting question. we'll be watching, gayle. thank you. it is 6:32. violent crimes against teenagers sparking at an alarming rate. >> it really is unbelievable the last 24 hours. investigators are now looking for a motive in the second suitland high school student to be killed just in the last day. >> delia goncalves is back live again this morning at suitland high school with more. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning. let's talk about the first student who was killed.
6:33 am
charles walker, 15 years old. he was a freshman here at suitland high school, murdered on monday. friends say he was simply delivering a pair of shoes to his girlfriend. he was about two blocks from home when he was gunned down. we were hear yesterday talking to sever students, his friend -- several students, his friends who were obviously very upset, but i was struck by a conversation i had with one girl who described herself as a close friend. i was stunned and almost speechless when she was so nonchalant about the murder of her friend. 15 years old. that's what's clear to me, there are some kids who just don't get it. there are some kids who clearly do not value life and that is a problem that many folks are saying is happening in the community. so here we are, another day and another student killed, gunned down on the streets. the 18-year-old freshman, another 18-year-old were found in the 3700 block of donnell drive in forestville. this latest shooting happened
6:34 am
at 5:30 in the evening yesterday. police say there's no connection between this most recent shooting and a murder on monday of charles walker, but both remain unsolved. >> obviously any time anyone in this county is murdered, it's of great concern to the police department. we are working actively as you know on all of these cases and our detectives have been working around the clock. >> i am really enraged that a young person in our community can't walk the streets with a shopping bag without being shot in the back. that's something that ought to be of concern to our entire community. so we will do our work. we need our parents to wrap their arms around their children, to teach them the proper values. go to school, work hard, and then buy tennis shoes. we don't kill individuals for tennis shoes. >> reporter: state's attorney calling on parents and community members to stand up to this violence and talk to
6:35 am
our young people. school leaders released a statement saying they are horrified that this has struck yet another of their students. they go on to say that we cannot go another day without addressing these unspeakable acts of violence against our students, against our young people in our community. police tell us they are close to solving four of the six murders involving young people in the last six months here in prince george's county, but they still need your help. a lot of folks don't want to come forward so they are offering a reward of up to $25,000. folks can remain anonymous. you can call police with information leading to an arrest and you can receive that reward. the number to call 1-866-411 tips. back to you, mike, andrea. >> delia, you talked to some of the kids out there. i was struck the same way you were. the kids just look blank. there's a blank stair when you talk about one of -- stear when you talk about -- stare when
6:36 am
you talk about one of your best friends being murdered. are they used to this? >> reporter: in some situations it's part of their coping mechanism to come to school and move on with the day. in many cases, they have seen this before and a lot of young people that we talked to say they know friends and have been in this situation before. they have had friends who have been gunned down and so it's part of a survival tactic i think of theirs knowing that unfortunately they're going to confront this at one point or maybe two points in their lives. >> awful, awful. thanks, delia. she's live at suitland high school this morning. former congressman jesse jackson, jr., and his wife will have separate hearings in the same courtroom in d.c. today. they are accused of using hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign money for personal use. like possibly a $40,000 rolex in one case. susan mcginnis reports the
6:37 am
couple could spend years behind bars. >> reporter: jackson has agreed to plead guilty to spending $750,000 of campaign donations on personal items, including a gold rolex watch. >> he resigned from the congress. he's doing everything he can to try to make the government happy. he's willing to pay restitution so he's basically saying hey, listen, i stepped up to the plate. i've done everything i can. give me a break. >> reporter: it will be up to a federal judge to decide if jackson gets any kind of break. he faces up to five years in prison. >> they'll recommend jail. they'll recommend a five-year term, but the judge can ignore that recommendation. >> reporter: jesse jackson, jr. agreed to resign from congress as part of his plea agreement. in his resignation letter, he tried to protect his wife saying the mistakes were his alone. but prosecutors wouldn't accept any deal without the congressman acknowledging that his wife knew what he was doing. prosecutors say she spent some of the campaign money on furs
6:38 am
but they are only charging her with filing false income tax returns. she has since resigned from her seat on the chicago city council. >> it would be hard for any family to go through what we've gone through publicly. >> reporter: the former congressman has been out of the public eye for the last eight months while being treated at mate crow clinic for a bipolar disorder. in washington, susan mcginnis, cbs news. >> of course right here on wusa9, we'll be covering the hearings. we'll have more for you online on and of course at noon. it is 6:38. jessica is back with another your money report. >> at this rate furloughs they say are coming for government workers. >> that's right. congress is on recess. there only seems to be finger pointing going on when it comes to sequestration. there are now only 9 days left to stop the automatic across- the-board spending cuts. that's why the pentagon is expected to announce a plan to furlough nearly 800,000 civilian employees one day each week beginning in april.
6:39 am
that's essentially a 20% pay cut. federal law requires the pentagon to warn congress of furloughs at least 45 days in advance. exceptions here will include political appointees and people whose job functions are considered necessary to protect life and property. but some d.o.d. civilian firefighters, police officers, nurses and other emergency workers could still be furloughed. if these furloughs go on for some time, they'll add up to around a month of lost pay by the end of september. warnings are going out about the possible impact of these cutses on our local and national economies. the. spoke out yesterday and local leaders are figuring out exactly what's at stake. >> montgomery county alone in terms of this tax base, each day based on our estimates is a possibly $500,000. >> ten days of furloughs equal $120 million in lost income in federal employees for the county. >> these cuts are not smart. they are not fair.
6:40 am
they will hurt our economy. they will add hundreds of thousands of americans to the unemployment rolls. this is not an abtraction. people will lose their jobs. >> you have told wusa9 you are scared of these cuts. you are angry and here's a way you can be heard even more clearly by the people who need to hear you. you can join our petition. should congress be penalized if federal workers are furloughed due to sequestration? you can weigh in on so far 660 letters written so far to congress. a letter you just wrote posted at 5:48 this morning, get to work and do the job you were elected to do. that is out of virginia's eighth district. they are coming in fast and furious. >> when you hear 800,000 workers being laid off, people think that's just hear in washington, d.c., federal workers. it's across the country. federal workers everywhere. government installations, everywhere. this affects the entire country. >> that's just the pentagon. that's justed pentagon. -- just the pentagon.
6:41 am
i was actually studying the data of these letters coming in from across the country. what apparently seems to be happening my guess is people here are writing letters and sending a link to their family members in other parts of the country. that's a good way to get the message out as well. >> exactly. >> thanks, jess. >> let us know what you think. the 495 express lanes are supposed to move traffic better in virginia, right? are you using them? monika will have the results of a new survey when we come back. >> plus, how wrpd has the latest -- howard has the latest on this blustery
6:42 am
23 years on the job, been exposed to a lot of human nature. there's a time and a place for flexing your muscles and pumping your chest; this ain't it.
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welcome back. 6:45. it's going to abnice looking day. just a cold, windy day as temperatures only get to the mid-30s by noon. upper 30s. the lucky ones will get to 40 but still not going to feel like it with gusts 30 miles an hour at times. going to feel like it's in the 20s all day hopping. 22 in -- long. 22 in town. hagerstown a 36 mile an hour
6:46 am
gust. gusting to 40 in peetsersburg. 33 -- petersburg. 33 in oakland. 24 in leesburg. we'll all see the winds during the day today. the sun will come out and mix up the atmosphere a little bit more and it's going to be windy. 28 in gaiters burke. these are the air -- gaithersburg. these are the air temperatures. easton and andrews at 32 degrees. then the windchill. that makes it feel even worse. like 11 in hagerstown. feels like 22 in andrews and 26 on the bay in annapolis. bundle up. we're going to have sunshine today but winds as i've been talking about. 34 now. feeling like 25 at national. the air has dried out. humidity down to 44%. the big storm bringing the cold air, that's up here in canada. northern maine is getting hammered with snow. we have to storms out west. the jet stream taking a big dip. you can see the energy. look at it spinning coming out of la and palm springs and southern arizona. this thing is only going to get
6:47 am
bigger in texas and oklahoma and especially kansas where the cold air is in place. they're looking at 1 to 2 feet of snow across west central kansas the next day, day and a half where we just have some snow showers here. even the north side of baltimore there have been a few flurries this morning and we'll go throughout the day today with the sunshine. eventually by friday that storm in kansas and texas will throw some moisture our way. could be cold enough early on friday for a little bit of sleet or freezing rain in spots before just a chilly rain. today windy, 38. feeling like it's in the 20s. gusts over 30 miles an hour. tonight 20 to 25. still gusts 20, 25. tomorrow we'll still be windy, just not as windy as today, mile milder and the lower 40s. friday cold rain with an early mix possible so a yellow alert for friday. could have some travel issues due to the rain. then as we get into saturday, we'll warm in the upper 40s with more showers and drying out sunday again with temps in the upper 40s for highs. let's turn it over to monika, timesaver traffic on this woeful wednesday for some.
6:48 am
it is kind of woeful, especially 066. actually 66 has been very quiet for some time. a few weeks now i haven't had to talk about anything going on there, but today look at all the red. it is solid from manassas into centreville. let's take a live look from our sky 9 camera. there was a three-car accident in centreville before route 29. it was moved to the shoulder a while ago but look at that traffic. i'd say it's about a three-mile chock-a-block backup. that's what they say in england, as you travel inbound. we'll go to springfield on the northbound side of i-95. this is always like that traveling up to the beltway. at least the lanes are open. speaking of springfield, 495 express lanes opened three months ago, that 14-mile stretch from north of springfield toward the toll road. look at what happened. on the very first monday morning rush hour back on november 19. i was there. and this was our shot from sky 9. it was all that driver confusion. people although they knew it
6:49 am
was coming, they couldn't figure out how to get on and off. tons of near misses. we saw that as well that day. of course they made a few improvement there is but they had a survey and they found some results. they went out and asked about 1700 of you, are you using it, why, why not, is it still confusing. we did our own informal survey on my facebook page. here are some of the answers i got. josh said when it was first opened he was intrigued. it helped maybe two out of the five days. other than that, really did nothing for him. never drive it unless absolutely necessary. rosemary, you're saying that yes, it's a big difference some of the time but not always. still use them. feel that the mergees and the exits are safer. so that's really g. they needed to do that. >> that was the fear i had because i didn't know where to get on and get off. >> tony, sometimes he takes the lanes at braddock road only to find -- this is interesting -- that he could have saved $3 to $4 because there wasn't much
6:50 am
traffic on the beltway. he didn't know that till he got o. that's another interesting point. you need to know that the beltway is backed up. that's why you're going to use it. if not, you waste your money. clancy says always take the bus and trains. others should too. what i found most interesting about this survey is that yes, it's the rampup period but they're below projected numbers. and it cost $1.9 billion to build this thing. so if the numbers are down -- by the way, it's not public information to find out exactly how many people are using it but without the people using it, you don't have revenue. that's an interesting point, too. another educational piece they need to do is about the e- zpass. only 46% of beltway drivers have the e-zpass. without it, you can't use it. >> they need to do an ad campaign or something for that. thanks, monika. time now to answer the question of the morning. here's the question one more time. this is the second most frequent cause of accidents insides the home. is it a, falling down the
6:51 am
stairs, b, running into the sliding gas door, -- glass door or c, stubbing your toe on the furniture? >> howard bernstein can answer this question. it's b, running into glass. we'll be right back.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
welcome back. 6:54. partly to mostly sunny today but a cold, windy day ahead. you'll need to bundle up. gusts over 30 miles an hour at times. highs upper 30s. the lucky ones will get to 40 but it will feel like the 20s with the windchill. former congressman jesse, jackson, jr. and his wife will appear in a federal courtroom today. they spend hundreds of campaign funds on personal items. both are expected to plead
6:55 am
guilty. we'll have more on this story in later editions of wusa9. the bail hearing continues today for former olympian oscar pistorius in the shooting death of his girlfriend. they found testosterone neemgdzs in his bed -- needles in his bedroom. the defense is saying that was an herbal remedy. more weather and traffic right here. keep it
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
what should you wear in howward says bundle up? the postal service. the agency announced a plan to come out with a line of clothing and accessories called rain, sleet and snow. >> they are struggling to find money. they just announced saturday delivery will end this summer. the new line could mean lots of
6:59 am
money apparently. hopefully it will help. >> i'm looking for a rain hat. >> they're diversifying. windy and cold today. we'll have temps in the upper 30s to near 40. by friday chilly rain. maybe a little mix in the morning. highs in the 30s and milder over the weekend. look at this on the inbound side of i-66 from our sky 9. just terrible. route 50 all the way in towards the beltway. cbs this morning looking ahead to the oscars just a few days away. monika and i will be back in 25 minutes with a live look at traffic and weather. have a great day, everybody. bye-bye.

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